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Hello! We are Michael and Diana, Dutch natives who met in 2000 and haven been inseparable since. We started traveling in the year 2009. Our first trip together was to Tenerife. After that we went to New-York for a week. As we got married in 2011 we spent our honeymoon in Curacao. For a very long periode of time we always wanted to go to California, the famous west-coast road tip where everyone was speaking about. This road trip stood very high on our bucket list. After this road trip we never wanted to stop traveling. In a short period of time we travelled all over the world.
We started this website as a source of inspiration to go for your dreams and start doing what makes you truly happy in life. Our stories from travelling around the world will hopefully boost your wanderlust and provide you with some more information of the places we visited.
Travelling means for us searching for heart-warming cross-cultural experiences. We constantly leave the comfort zone of our safe harbor and throw ourselves out in the unpredictable adventures that await for us on the road.
We’re both very curious and we love the unknown. That’s why we travel to places we know nothing about. Off course, before we go to our destination we want to be well prepared. That’s why we search the internet for stories of other travels. Also we do a lot of research on the pintrest. After done researching I will create a OneNote with all the information of our destination. That OneNote I will sync with my laptop and both phones. We travel because we are interested in the country itself, the culture and the people. We travel quite fast pace, we don’t stay too long at one place. I a short period of time we want to see as much as possible.
This year we decided to create this website in order to document some aspects of our experiences travelling the globe. We want to share our experience of the places we visited. All the pictures you see on our website are self-made. If you like one of the pictures you see on this website don’t hesitate to contact me. I already sold many pictures online. We blog about places and we make a movie of our trip every time. You can check out and subscribe to our videos.
Please feel free to contact us or comment below our posts. Whether you just want to share your opinions and experiences, have any questions or would like advice. We look forward to assisting your and chatting with similar travel lovers.

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