Fuji Mountain, Japan

An unforgettable experience to check off your bucket list.

Mount Fuji is the world-famous symbol of Japan; a beautifully symmetrical, snow-capped cone rising from the earth that has been inspiring poets, pilgrims and painters, and many more people, for centuries. There are several ways to see and experience Mount Fuji. The view that we are looking for was the view with an icon temple in the front and the mountain on the back.

Fuji Mountain 1The Arakura Sengen Shrine is located on top of a hill. You will start you’re hike at the bottom of the hill. There is a Red Torii that marks the entrance, the beginning of 300 stair steps toward the Pagoda. I was quite excited and almost jump-walking the stairs before it gets tiring, I looked up, stairs with no end. I looked down, stairs with no end. Because of my heavy photography equipment on my back the hike is quite intense. But.. you can cheat the stairs by driving a car. Finally I reached the TOP! there is the famous Chureito Pagoda you usually see on postcard from Japan. There were other tourist taking pictures and enjoying the view. The view is amazing, a panoramic view of Mt Fuji and Kawaguchi City.

There was old man Japanese guy who asked me where I was coming from told me that the view was kind rare, many visitors comes disappointed because there is too much fog, so we were lucky.

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