Dubai Skydive, United Arab Emirates

I’m sure that most of you have been listing things to do in this lifetime, popularly known as a Bucket List. My wife does also have one for the both of us 😉 and almost every now and then we always add items in the list.

In our original bucket list, we did checked, visit las-vegas, check the horseshoe bend, bycicle in Japan. Walk the Tugela-gorge trail in South Africa and so on. We have done all of these, also most of the items in our bucket list are all travel related and not something very extreme.

We didn’t dream of jumping from a cliff and bungee, riding the fastest roller coaster in the world or even jumping from a plane and skydive. We can say that we are not really afraid of these. We just don’t see the sense why we have to do it. But when traveling you meet new people and now and then there are quite some cool stories within that. Some guys from Sweden told us about the skydive in Dubai. As we traveled further and further that story of the Dubai Skydive kept us really busy. As the holidays continued we often spoke about the Dubai Skydive and that we wanted to jump as well.

dubai_skydiveBack home, some moths passed and we were ready to plan our next holiday. We wanted to visit South Africa….. But just a quick stop in Dubai.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the day that I will be able to skydive. Good thing, Dubai is known to be one of the best skydiving spots in the world. With this said, it is also the reason why it is hard to get a booking. You will need at least a month ahead to reserve in order to get the slot.

Fast forward to the jump day.

Whenever my friends asked me what do I feel, I don’t normally know what to say. Yes I felt scared but excited as well. Maybe because I have been anticipating this moment for quite some time now, I just want it to be done and experience what it feels like jumping out of the plane.

A lot of them thought that I was crazy, some thought I was brave and also people were reacting how expensive skydive costs. It is pretty expensive. At the reception, I was also given a six page document just letting me know that I am jumping at my own risk.

What I love about the Skydive Dubai team is that, they kept the vibe inside our plane fun and lively. What can I say, it was one of the craziest thing I have ever done.  If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the activity that you should sign up for. Once I stepped out of the plane, all fears were replaced by the overwhelming feeling of surrender. During our briefing they repeatedly told us to smile for the camera, I completely forgot about this. I was just shouting yeaaahhhhh all the time (so most of my photos I have my mouth opened in an glamorous ‘O’ shape).


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