Chicago Theatre, Chicago

During our trip in the states we visit Chicago for a couple of days. Our hotel was just a short walk from the Chicago Theatre. Ideal for a great nice shot.

The challenge of taking the photo at this location at night was that there’s a lot of people and cars moving or idling on both sides of the street.

I decided to make an HDR shot. Because of the many buses passing by I tried to take a shot of a bus so that I get a nice light trail.

Because it’s a long exposure, the people walking on the sidewalk and across the street for the most part don’t clutter up the image. They are mostly invisible to the camera. The head/tail lights of cars do leave a streak of light– which is how timing when you start/stop with the remote cable comes into play.

I’m pretty happy with the shot, but I would love to revisit this location. This was my first time there and I only came when it was very dark already around 9pm. I’d love to visit when there’s some color in the sky, but the trade off would be that there would be even more people and cars.

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