Sunrise Sanur Beach, Sanur

If you have heard about enjoying the romantic dinner while watching the sunset on Jimbaran beach, well, in the Sanur beach, you can see the beauty of the sunrise. This beach is one of the oldest resort area in Bali and has been famous all around the world. The Sanur beach itself has been famous for its white sand, calm waves, shallow sea and relaxing atmosphere. It is a great place to spend your last couple of days of your holiday. That is what we did.

The last couple of days of our holiday in Bali we want to do some relaxing. But still not too much relaxing 😉 My wife I planned to do a sunrise. The Sanur beach or also usually called as the Sunrise beach. We need to get up early round about 4am. Our driver would pick us up at our hotel but overslept his self. So we needed to wait a bit longer. Luckily we exchange phone numbers. That way he kept me posted of where he was on the road and how long it took to arrive at our hotel. We still needed to drive for like 20 min to Sanur. Luckily we made it on time and we had a beautiful sunrise.

It was funny to see that we were not the only ones with tripods and fancy cameras. There where like 20 other people walking and taking pictures. I took my place and began taking pictures of the sunrise.


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