Monkey forest, ubud

The visit of Monkey Forest in Bali will lead you to the different world – the world of monkeys. Probably the most touristy attraction in Bali, which could not be skipped while traveling in Bali. The Monkey Forest is one of the places, where monkeys live freely in the wild and visitors can get in the close touch with them

To visit Monkey forest you have to travel to the city of Ubud. Monkey forest is large complex of hind temples which have been built around 1359. Bali is well know because of its spectacular temples. Monthly more than 10 thousands of visitors visit Monkey forest. The whole sanctuary place consist from the real jungle, temples, exotic plants and animals and many pavements. Those pavements lead people around the complex and the part of the trail goes through between large stones, by the creek and small waterfall. The Monkey forest in Bali is the example of beauty untouched by human.

If you want to do some photography over there, bring a lens with a good light sensitive aperture. Is quite dark at some places and some of the monkeys are quite fast in there movement.


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