James Bond, Thailand

The cool thing about traveling is you get to see a ton of different places, and some of those include places that were forever captured on film as part of a remote movie set. Thailand has been used in multiple movies, but one of its most famous movie set locations was on Khao Phing Kan Island. I don’t know if you’re into old movies, but if you are, maybe you have seen the 1974 classic ‘The Man with the Golden Gun.’ There is a 20-metre tall islet which you can see on the picture. The movie brought so much fame to the island just a boat ride away from Phuket, that it is now lovingly called James Bond Island.


We paid for a day tour to James Bond Island, which also included lunch, and transportation to and from the harbor. Unfortunately our boat was super crowded and super noisy the whole day, but regardless is cool to see this icon view. Beware… the island itself is also very crowded. Many boats dock the island and quite hard to get nobody in the picture. Probably is should be better to hire a private boat from the jetty that gives you more freedom. Probably the best time to visit the island would be as early as possible or as late as possible.

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