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United Arab Emirates

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Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall, is part of a complex in downtown Dubai that consists of the Burj Khalifa, Hotels, the world’s largest dancing fountains, a souk, and many restaurants and food courts. The mall has over 12 million square feet and is the size of 50 football fields.  With four floors to explore, […]

Dubai Skydive, United Arab Emirates

I’m sure that most of you have been listing things to do in this lifetime, popularly known as a Bucket List. My wife does also have one for the both of us 😉 and almost every now and then we always add items in the list. In our original bucket list, we did checked, visit […]

Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates

We did get up early in the morning to visit the Bamboo forest, we went there by train. Just a short walked from the train station you can enter the Bamboo Forest. It is so worth the additional walking you will do in the forest. I have never seen anything like it in my life. […]