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Where do you want to travel?

Your journey will lead you to famous domestic and foreign beauty spots.

James Bond, Thailand

The cool thing about traveling is you get to see a ton of different places, and some of those include places that were forever captured on film as part of a remote movie set. Thailand has been used in multiple movies, but one of its most famous movie set locations was on Khao Phing Kan […]

Maya Bay, Thailand

Phi Phi island is probably the most famous island in Thailand. We all remember it as the gorgeous, pristine beach that Leonardo DiCaprio finds in “The Beach”. Since the movie was released in 2000, The Beach, also known as Maya Bay, has been a must-visit place for tourists. Maya Bay is part of a nature reserve, which means you can’t […]

Tiger Caves, Thailand

Once upon a time, in 1975, a meditating monk discovered, what he said, were tigers roaming through the caves. This encounter led to the naming of the Tiger Cave Temple, or Wat Tham Suea. The Tiger Cave is most well known for the journey to the top, there are 1237 steps to the summit of […]