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New York

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Central Park, New York

With a size of 340 hectares, Central Park is a popular rendez-vous spot for New Yorkers. The man-made idyll sees more than 25 million visitors, and is thus a magnet not just for tourists. Locals love their Central Park and the peace and quiet that can be found there, even though it is located in […]

Times Square, New York City

Times Square in New York City is New York’s most famous attraction. A global attention and it’s famous name makes it so unique and special for everybody in Manhattan. Thanks to the New York Times, who gave this place it’s name. Before that it was just called: Longacre Square – sure, this is definitively not […]

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

New York City has amazing photo opportunities around every corner. From skylines and night photography, to portraits, architecture, street photography, and even wildlife, New York City has it all. Brooklyn Bridge     The Brooklyn Bridge is probably the most famous bridge of New York City, and also one of its most popular landmarks. The […]

Rockefeller Center

Named after John D. Rockefeller the famous Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan is an Art Deco New York City landmark. Spanning 22 acres and featuring 19 commercial buildings in New York including the GE Building (General Electric Building), where you can go on “Top of the Rocks”. But there’s also the Radio City Music Hall, […]