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Where do you want to travel?

Your journey will lead you to famous domestic and foreign beauty spots.

Kirribilli, Sydney

Kirribilli in Sydney gets you a nice Sydney Harbour view. For photography it’s a must see and one that I highly recommend you checking out if you are in Sydney and the opportunity arises. When thinking as to why I enjoy photographing Kirribilli so much, two things popped out at me. One: Kirribilli is a […]

Remarkable Rocks, kangaroo island

As their name suggests, these rocks are quite remarkable. The colors change at different times of the day with the sun and the clouds, fantastic sunrises and great base for some very creative photography.  

Twelve Apostles, Australia

When great Australian iconic landmarks are mentioned a few spring straight to mind. Places like Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are all places that feature. Another place that is also very high on that list, and for very good reason, are the Twelve Apostles in Victoria along the Great Ocean […]

Uluru, Northern Territory

During our holiday in Australia we stayed for a couple of days in the middle of Australia. The hottest and driest place! One of our must do’s is to experience the sunset at Uluru. So we planned our sunset trip on the second day we arrived at the Voyages Sails in the Desert hotel. After […]

Sunset at Rex Smeal Park, Australia

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re all about sunrises and sunsets! More so sunsets as we find getting up early a bit challenging at times. To experience the perfect Port Douglas sunset we packed our gear and head up to an epic place to watch the sunset. Our hotel was at walking distance to the Rex […]

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sydney in it’s entirety is a gorgeous place, full of lots of great people, buildings, sights and sounds but how can you go past the famous and iconic Sydney Harbour and the many structures such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House that fill it up. The Sydney Opera House is one […]