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Great Torii, Japan

Less than an hour from Hiroshima is Miyajima, a small island widely regarded to be one of the “Three Most Scenic Spots in Japan”. A claim like that can lead to big expectations, but Miyajima Island has no trouble living up the high praise. Mountains and forests back the island’s historic shrines while gorgeous views […]

Yasaka Shrine, Japan


Yasaka-no-to Pagoda, Japan

A long pagoda rising overlooking the floating world of Gion below, Yasaka-no-to Pagoda is a lovely sight by day or night.     While most pagodas come complete with temples, Yasaka-no-to Pagoda stands mostly alone, the buildings of the temple of which it once belonged (Hokan-ji Temple) having been destroyed by fires, earthquakes and wars […]

Koto-in, Japan

Koto-in is probably the most popular temple in Daitoku-ji. It was established in 1601 as a family temple by the famous military leader Hosokawa Tadaoki. The temple fame comes from its maples that produce beautiful colors in autumn. The long and narrow path from the temple gates to its main buildings is a very popular […]

Central Park, New York

With a size of 340 hectares, Central Park is a popular rendez-vous spot for New Yorkers. The man-made idyll sees more than 25 million visitors, and is thus a magnet not just for tourists. Locals love their Central Park and the peace and quiet that can be found there, even though it is located in […]

Penguins on the beach, South Africa

Located in the historic port of Simon’s Town, there’s a beach called Boulders beach. Boulders Beach is a sheltered beach made up of inlets between granite boulders, from which the name originated. Making it an ideal swimming spot for kids. Because it falls under the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area, the beach is […]

Dubai Skydive, United Arab Emirates

I’m sure that most of you have been listing things to do in this lifetime, popularly known as a Bucket List. My wife does also have one for the both of us 😉 and almost every now and then we always add items in the list. In our original bucket list, we did checked, visit […]

Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates

We did get up early in the morning to visit the Bamboo forest, we went there by train. Just a short walked from the train station you can enter the Bamboo Forest. It is so worth the additional walking you will do in the forest. I have never seen anything like it in my life. […]

Arnarstapi, Iceland

Arnarstapi or Stapi is a small fishing village at the foot of Mt. Stapafell between Hellnar village and Breiðavík farms on the southern side of Snæfellsnes, Iceland. Arnarstapi was an important trading post in the past and had a much bigger population than it has now. A very interesting old path follows the coastline where […]

Black Church, Iceland

The little black Church at Búðir on a grey, rainy and drizzly afternoon. There are many picturesque little churches located all over Iceland. Most are built in a traditional Danish style, but there are many different ones as well. I thought this little black one was striking. The Buðir black church is one of 3 […]

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