Senso-Ji, Japan

Asakusa is an oldest part off Tokyo amidst skyscrapers. It lies in the lap of the most modern part of Tokyo and probably that contributes to the charm of Asakusa. Located on the bank of Sumida river this place is still breathing traditional Japanese air. Asakusa is a district in Tokyo famous for Senso-ji Buddhist temple. It is one of the oldest and most famous temples of Tokyo. Its history dates back to 7th century A.D.

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As you enter through the big gate, Kaminarimon with a big red lantern. You can see the Senso-ji temple. It is hardly 200 meters away from the first gate. During midday is quite crowed so it’s difficult to get nobody in the picture. There are about 200 shops lined up in couple of rows. You can find souvenirs of all kinds here: T shirts , dolls, trinkets, Kimonos, masks and many more things lure the tourists to stop a while before reaching Sensoji temple. It is very colorful and crowded. I was in Asakusa twice in different time of the day. It was always busy but when the shops are closed you can enjoying the temple in its full glory.

After crossing the shopping street there is a gate which takes us to Sensoji temple courtyard. There is an incense pot. People burn incense here. Smoke of that is supposed to be good for good health. We did not enter the temple because there is a lot to see outside the temple. Such as the five storied pagoda next to the temple and similar to any other place in Tokyo the entire temple.

Some tips

– Sensoji temple is open from morning till evening

– Try to visit the site early in the morning or even nicer by sunset. Its less crowded.

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