Central Park, New York

With a size of 340 hectares, Central Park is a popular rendez-vous spot for New Yorkers. The man-made idyll sees more than 25 million visitors, and is thus a magnet not just for tourists. Locals love their Central Park and the peace and quiet that can be found there, even though it is located in the heart of the busy metropolis.

Families can be found picnicking, playing, or relaxing on the expansive lawns; for athletes, the park contains several baseball and softball fields as well as basketball courts. The park also hosts cultural events, be sure not to miss the concerts in the park!

Manhattan's green lung: Central Park

On account of the huge size of the park, there is a lot to see. Many people especially tourists enter the park through the well-known gate at Fifth Avenue, near the Plaza Hotel. But recommend going to columbus circle. There is a rent a bike store store that gives to the opportunity to explore the park by bike. A fun and quick way to explore.

All in all, you can admire 13 beautiful bridges in Central Park. Most of you should recognize the beloved Bow Bridge; it has been featured in many films. It is a popular spot for marriage proposals and a favourite motif of Central Park for photographers. Bow Bridge is located in the center of the park near 74th Street and is one of the oldest in the city.


Another famous bridge is the Gapstow Bridge. You can see that one in the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.



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