Waterfall Gullfoss, Iceland

iceland_waterfall_gullfoss4 Iceland has a lot of waterfalls, and the Gullfoss Waterfall is it’s answer to Niagara, Victoria or Iguazu Falls. This 32 metre (105 feet) high double waterfall is Iceland’s most popular. We pulled up to the parking lot, there where not that many people. Like much of our trip through Iceland, it was windy and rainy, but we bundled up in our raincothes layered over warm jackets and hiked out for a better look. As we walked along the path to the look out, a spectacular sight came in to view. At first we only saw the top of the falls which you see in this picture. It was magnificent enough to see the water flow over the huge boulder steps, but as we got closer, we saw that it eventually turns a corner and plunges into the Hvítá River at a mighty force.

There are several lookouts that allow you different vantage points. Once you take your wide photo from the roped off area near the parking lot, you can walk along a path that takes you right beside the falls where you will have a close up view and can actually feel it’s force. Water sprays from all directions as 140 cubic meters (5000 cubic feet) of water per second plunges into the narrow crevice below.
It was difficult to shoot this close as the water constantly sprayed in to my camera lens. Luckily my gear is waterproof so I could take a long exposure shot. The effort was worth it and we went away feeling satisfied. Photographing waterfalls in Iceland took patience. Between the weather, wind and people, it was always a challenge, but by taking our time and having the luxury to be on our own schedule we managed to snap plenty of spectacular images.

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