Kirribilli, Sydney

Kirribilli in Sydney gets you a nice Sydney Harbour view. For photography it’s a must see and one that I highly recommend you checking out if you are in Sydney and the opportunity arises.

When thinking as to why I enjoy photographing Kirribilli so much, two things popped out at me.

One: Kirribilli is a quiet place without many people. It’s that place that the tourist people don’t know of. (yet)

Two: Obviously one of the main reasons people photograph from this location is because (with a fairly wide angle lens) you can get both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House into the frame. Our just great a panoramic image like I did.


However there are many other great objects to photograph at Kirribilli and things that you can use to fill up the foreground of your photo.

Jeffery St Wharf would definitely be one of those objects. Especially in the moments leading up to sunrise or just after sunset. At this time you will find Jeffery St Wharf lit up, with its different coloured lights bouncing off the water. Add this element, the glow of the city and the lights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, all reflecting off the water and you are left with a location tailor made for landscape photography.

Getting there

The fact that Kirribilli is located on the outskirts of Sydney’s CBD means that it is easily accessible via public transport with a train station not to far away. It also means that if you are driving in to Kirribilli you shouldn’t (the keyword being shouldn’t) get too much traffic.

There isn’t an abundance of parking, so if you can get there early you should be okay but as the day wears on you will find it more difficult as people come to visit Kirribilli and Milsons Point.

However you can always catch a water taxi or ferry and get off at Jeffery St Wharf from other locations in Sydney… 😉


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