Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill station, where’s it name comes from Sir William Cameron, a British surveyor who was commissioned by the then colonial government to map out the Pahang-Perak border area in the 1885. Located in the state of Pahang, approximately 200 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur.  Cameron Highlands is a beautiful holiday destination and the only place where you can find tea plantations and strawberries in Malaysia. At about 1,500 meters above sea level, it is the highest area on the mainland and enjoys a cool climate and fresh air, with temperatures ranging between 15° and 25° Celsius, perfect place to unwind,  get in touch with the nature and to feel breezy & colder weather in Malaysia.

We planned our stay in the Cameron Highlands Resort. This hotel is ideal all year round for families, honeymooners and holidaymakers out to satiate their appetites for trails, tales and tradition.. Set amidst tea plantations and rolling hills, this boutique hideaway promises all the splendor, romance and nostalgia of Cameron Highlands’ grand colonial heritage. Tall French doors, timber-beamed ceilings and plantation shutters add colonial charm and a touch of nostalgia to our rooms.
The day we arrived at the hotel we did a high Thea. The staff of the hotel provide us with some useful tips where we should be for some nice sunset pictures.

Cameron Bharat Thea Plantations
There are a few tea plantations on the highlands, but the Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation has one of the best views. The great scenery complements the great taste of tea offered at the cafe which is perfect for relaxation. You will also be allowed to walk in between the tea plantation.

Other Thea Plantations
I’ve you drive around the Cameron Highlands there are some more nice plantations, idealistic for photography! Probably one of the famous ones is the picture below. There are not that many tourist only photographers who are familiar with these places. We went uphill twice on two different days because of the fog.


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