Twelve Apostles, Australia

When great Australian iconic landmarks are mentioned a few spring straight to mind. Places like Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are all places that feature. Another place that is also very high on that list, and for very good reason, are the Twelve Apostles in Victoria along the Great Ocean Road.

Unfortunately they are slowly disappearing as these gigantic limestone stacks are bashed constantly by the sea. I guess ironically, this is actually how they came to be in the first place but looking at them, I couldn’t help but feel how fragile they were. So if you are wanting to photograph the Twelve Apostles, I would do it sooner rather than later. From the original twelve there are now only 8 apostles left.

It goes without saying that this Australian Photography Location is going to be amazing for landscape photography. In turn, you will probably find that most landscape photographers have been too or have pretty high up on their photography bucket list, to visit the Twelve Apostles.


A great fact about photographing this hot spot is the fact that you can photograph it at either sunrise or sunset. At sunrise the sun will rise up and over Gibson Steps Beach, so you will need to walk down and around to capture this.


I think sunset is the better time to capture the Twelve Apostles as it allows you to photograph the majority of them with the sun setting behind. You also have a few more perspectives available to you as you hunt along the walkway for an angle that you like. Again the only problem is going to be the amount of tourists that come through here and I would recommend avoiding weekends for this reason if possible. Try to get there in time and take the best spot. That was what we did.

Twelve Apostles

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