Uluru, Northern Territory

During our holiday in Australia we stayed for a couple of days in the middle of Australia. The hottest and driest place! One of our must do’s is to experience the sunset at Uluru. So we planned our sunset trip on the second day we arrived at the Voyages Sails in the Desert hotel.

After we parked our car at the viewpoint there weren’t that many visitors. But not for long…. Around us, other visitors pull up to watch the spectacular transformation. While it is getting busy around us, it is not exactly crowded, the atmosphere almost solemn and appreciative. Uluru is a photographer’s dream come true, many of those around us set up tripods and take a picture every couple of minutes. I already had my tripod setup, so I was taking pictures already. Others unpack their camping chairs and enjoy a chilled evening beer. No pushing or shoving, just a unified sharing of this wonderful experience.

While the sun sets behind us, the rock’s colors seem to light up in even brighter shades of red, from the yellowish daytime orange to a glowing fire, until it finally fades into the color of dried blood. In the background, the sky puts in extra efforts to frame Uluru to maximum effect: when the rock finally turns black, the sky shimmers iridescent in all colors of the rainbow until settling on a blushing pink which eventually turns to black as well.

You may think it crazy to travel thousands of miles just to see the play of colors on a rock’s surface, but let me assure you that this experience will be one of these things we will never forget. Uluru is so much more than a geological oddity or a jest of nature.



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