Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sydney in it’s entirety is a gorgeous place, full of lots of great people, buildings, sights and sounds but how can you go past the famous and iconic Sydney Harbour and the many structures such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House that fill it up.

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic, most visited and most photographed landmarks in Australia, and if you love travel photography, getting the perfect shot will most likely be at the top of your list.

Situated on one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, whether you’re on the water, above the water, or even below it, there are a million ways to get a shot of the Sydney Opera House. It’s quite easy to take a great photo here. Though this is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world, so what’s not always easy is taking an interesting one. As a tourist, it’s difficult to capture a unique angle which the world hasn’t already seen.

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